Who are we?

The Therapeutic and Residential Center Adrimar is a private and innovative initiative. It aims to help young adults, adolescents and their families who face problems of addiction and deschooling, professional, social or family withdrawal.

The Center also conducts prevention of risky behavior and has training for parents.

The Adrimar company is a social enterprise, which reinvests 70% of its profits for the improvement and the well-being of the young adults forming part of the center.

Management team

The Center has a team of professionals (psychologists, educators, lawyers, doctors, professors, nurses, occupational therapists, and others) highly trained and motivated to give the best support and the best service to the youth of the center.

Xavier Cañada Bonachea

Founder – Manager.
Law degree

Laura Fité Puig

Therapeutic Director.
Graduated in psychology.

Laura Vidaña Moya

Assessor of the Occupational Therapy Program. Dr. in Health Psychology and graduate in Occupational Therapy.

Our values